What We Do

The main listed services of us for our clients to get proper support

Flat Sell

We provide premium flats within your budget which are of minimalistic designs.

Building Share Sell

Shares of exclusive residential buildings are also available for everyone.

Land Sell

Spaces of various sizes located in different places within Dhaka are for sale by us.

Plot Share Sell

Luxury plots are also available to be sold by share in different places of Dhaka.

Selling for Lifetime

We sell flats, apartments and plots for lifetime, not with any limited period agreements.

Building Architecture

We also provide umcommon and unique building designs and architectures of our own.


Managing all the sectors of our provided services providely is an important task of us.

Register Agents

We register every agents and clients connected with us being helped by the services of us.

How We Work

Our work flows that we do to ensure our proper services to the clients


Firstly we discuss about our plans to ours clients for their better decision and opinion.

Conditions Review

We allow our clients to review every terms and conditions of us to be ensured.

Deals & Settlement

We deal with the clients after their fixed decision on one of our plans and services.

Collecting Down Payments

We provide installment service by collecting the instant down payment from clients.

Security Adoption

We creates a managing group for eevery flats and adopt the security policies in their hands.

Complaign Solution

We treat every complains of our agents and clients with exact solution.